Which of The Following is Not a Creative Thinking Exercise Entrepreneurs Use to Generate ideas ?

A. Challenge the Usual

B. Judge Each Idea as Realistic or Not

C. Draw Idea Maps

D. Think Backward

The Correct Answer for the given question is Option B. Judge Each Idea as Realistic or Not


Creative thinking is a process that involves generating, exploring, and developing ideas in a way that goes beyond conventional or routine approaches. Entrepreneurs often engage in various exercises to stimulate their creative thinking and come up with innovative solutions to challenges. Let’s look at each option in the context of this broader view:

A. Challenge the Usual:

This exercise encourages individuals to break away from traditional thinking patterns. It involves questioning established norms and seeking alternative approaches. By challenging the usual, entrepreneurs can unlock new perspectives and discover unique opportunities.

B. Judge Each Idea as Realistic or Not:

While evaluating the feasibility of ideas is crucial, this activity is more aligned with critical thinking or practical decision-making rather than the initial stages of creative thinking. Creative thinking exercises often involve suspending judgment temporarily to allow for the exploration of a wide range of possibilities.

C. Draw Idea Maps:

Visualizing ideas through idea maps is a creative way to represent and explore the connections between different concepts. It’s a tool for organizing thoughts and generating new associations, fostering a more expansive and creative thought process.

D. Think Backward:

Thinking backward involves reversing the usual order of thinking or problem-solving. It prompts entrepreneurs to consider alternative perspectives and break away from linear thinking, which can lead to innovative ideas and solutions.

In the context of creative thinking, option B stands out because it introduces a more evaluative and critical thinking aspect. While evaluating ideas is an important step in the overall process, the essence of creative thinking exercises is often to explore and generate ideas freely before applying judgment.