Island Boys House: The Florida Rental

Here we will discuss Where Does Island Boys House through this post. If you want to know about Island Boys as well as where they currently live and how they started their career, read our post till the end to know everything in detail. Before knowing where a person is currently living, you need to know why that person is so famous and why you want to know about them. You will get all your questions answered here just by reading this post.

Who are Island Boys?

Island Boys are America’s social media personalities and hip-hop stars, as they became viral on social media when two twin brothers came together and uploaded their various videos on TikTok. Since then they are both known as the Island Boys. Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas are better known as the Island Boys. Franky Venegas performed under the name Kodiyakredd and his brother Alex Venegas performed under the name Flyysoulja. 

They were born on 16 July 2001 in America, but we have no information about where exactly they were born. Although they grew up with their parents from childhood, they lost their father at a very young age and were later raised by their mother alone. They decided to pursue rap as a career when they were in jail as children. For this, they uploaded a duo song on Twitter in October 2021, after which they became popular through this video. 

Along with this, they have various body tattoos to gain popularity among people, along their teeth are also made of diamonds. After that, they started uploading various hip-hop videos and their popularity among people started to increase. People didn’t know them as Island Boys or call them Island Boys at first, but when they performed the song ”I’m an Island Boy” and the song went viral, everyone knew them as Island Boys.

Where Does Island Boys Live?

Island Boys currently live in Coral Springs, FL, a popular city in Florida. Although the city is also in Broward County. Their home is currently located in Coral Springs, FL and their 4900 square foot luxury home is located there. Although this house was built in 2004, they bought this house later. This home has four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. This house has three attached garages to store their luxury cars. 

Along with this, their doors and windows are made with very high-level features. The floors of their houses are beautifully made of marble and wood. The house also has various entertainment rooms. It also has a swimming pool, a fireplace and separate facilities for body massage. The house is surrounded by lush greenery. The Island Boys’ 4,903-square-foot home is currently priced at $1.67 million.


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