Henry Ruggs House: A Glimpse into Luxury Living


Henry Ruggs III, the former NFL player renowned for his prowess as a wide receiver, has curated a lifestyle of luxury in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Beyond the football field, Ruggs’ dwelling offers a unique perspective into his taste for opulence and sophistication.

About Henry Ruggs

Born on January 24, 1999, in Montgomery, Alabama, Henry James Ruggs III made a mark in the NFL, notably playing for the Las Vegas Raiders from 2020 to 2021.

Recognized for his exceptional speed and talent on the field, Ruggs’ success in football is mirrored in the carefully curated details of his residence.

Henry Ruggs’ Lifestyle

Ruggs’ lifestyle reflects a harmonious blend of modernity and elegance, mirroring the dynamism of his career.

Known for his achievements on the football field, Ruggs also embraces a life of comfort and style off the pitch.

Details of the House

The house boasts five bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms spread across a generous 4,300 square feet of living space.

Situated on a 0.50-acre lot, the property, designed for single-family residences, radiates a sense of grandeur.

Despite its original construction in 1997, the house presents a modern and updated appearance, a testament to Ruggs’ commitment to timeless design.

Interior Elegance

Impeccably decorated and well-furnished, Ruggs’ home exudes charm in every room.

Spacious interiors are enhanced by stunning glass windows, allowing ample natural light to illuminate the stylish living spaces.

The kitchen, with its superb design, features a walk-in pantry, beautiful cabinets, and quartz countertops, complemented by stainless steel appliances.

Exterior Amenities

Three attached garage spaces provide practicality while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the property.

The outdoor space is transformed into a private oasis with a captivating in-ground pool and spa, inviting relaxation and entertainment.


Priced at $1.34 million, Henry Ruggs’ fictional Las Vegas residence is not just a house; it’s a manifestation of opulence and comfort.

This carefully curated space, though entirely fictional, invites us to envision a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary—a life of refinement and sophistication. In essence, it mirrors the vibrancy and allure of Las Vegas, a city that resonates with both energy and luxury.